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#38 – Make our own beer

Last month we started making our own beer (you can check out our in progress posts here and here), and it finished just in time for the holidays.  We brought bottles to each of our families for a taste test.  Adam’s family was much more generous with their opinions than mine, and generally the feedback was “surprisingly not bad” and “it could be worse”.  It definitely tasted like beer, but it was super hoppy (some people like that), and we did something wrong in the bottling process and it was really carbonated and created a very stiff head.  Overall enough of a success that we want to give it another shot!


Details: Brooklyn Brew Shop can be found here.  The kit we used is also available from Indigo, found here.

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#38 – In Progress – Make our own beer

We started brewing our beer two weeks ago, and today we bottled it.  We don’t have many photos of the process as it took all four hands to siphon the beer into the pot with the honey, and then from the pot into the bottles.

The beer will be ready just in time for a Christmas taste test!


Details: Brooklyn Brew Shop can be found here.  The kit we used is also available from Indigo, found here.

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In Progress – #38 – Make our own beer

Adam’s brother Erik made a surprise trip up to visit last weekend, so it seemed the perfect time to start brewing our beer.  We had a kit Adam got from my parents last year, so off we went.  Our little brew is currently chilling out in our closet, next step is bottling on the 9th!


Details: Brooklyn Brew Shop can be found here.  The kit we used is also available from Indigo, found here.

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#37 – Try 5 new fruit beers

I have a serious thing for cherry beer, but it can be difficult to find in Toronto, so Adam challenged me to try five new fruit beers.

Now that it’s summer, fruit beer seems to be everywhere, so we crushed this one, with seven new beers at this point.  Our favourites were the two watermelons and the Bar Harbor Blueberry.Image

Details: (top to bottom) Frambozen from Mill Street Brewery (Toronto)
Fruitstand Watermelon Wheat from Kensington Brewing Company (Toronto) enjoyed at Two Bite Saloon in Toronto
Hell or High Watermelon Wheat from 21st Amendment Brewery (San Francisco) enjoyed at Pod 39’s rooftop lounge in NYC
Bar Harbor Blueberry from Atlantic Brewing Company (Bar Harbour, Maine) enjoyed at Alphabet City Beer Co. in NYC
Strawberry Harvest Lager from Abita (Abita Springs, LA) bought from the Alphabet City Beer Co. in NYC
Apricot Wheat Ale from St-Ambroise (Montreal) enjoyed at the Victory Cafe in Toronto (also available at the LCBO)
Blueberry Ale from Blue Point Brewing Company (Long Island) enjoyed at The Frying Pan in NYC.

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#49 – Go to a live sport event

Before going to a Jays game in Toronto, you have to ask the important question;


Everything lined up to make this a perfect evening at the ball game; two of our favourite people; beautiful weather; lots of large baseball printed beers (I’m a sucker for packaging); some seriously delicious popcorn AND the Jays won.  Boom.  Amazing.

Details: The Jays schedule and ticket information can be found here.

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#35 – Take a tour of a Toronto brewery

We did the brewery tour at the Mill St Brewpub today.  Not an extensive tour (the Distillery location is so small, it only produces 2% of their product); it was quick, informative and the gent leading it was fairly funny.

Things we learned;

1. Dark beer was originally a mistake, made when the malt was unintentionally roasted too long.  The beer brewers of yesteryear would make it into a penny beer that was sold without the standard taxes of lighter beer. .

2. Mill St doesn’t use extracts or essences.  Their beers flavoured with coffee, vanilla, raspberries, etc, means actual coffee or vanilla beans or whole raspberries were dumped into their beer kettle.

3.  Quebec had the shortest recorded prohibition at just a week and half (Go Quebec).

We ended our day in the brewpub enjoying good beers with great friends.  All in all, it was a great day!


Details: Mill St Brewpub is in the Distillery at 21 Tankhouse Lane.  The brewery tour is at 4PM Mon-Fri, and 3PM & 5PM Sat-Sun.  More details can be found here.

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