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#92 – OG Chimney Cone

So these Chimney Cones have been making the rounds on Instagram in a big way, and so we (well I) decided we should probably get one.  #noregrets


Details: The Eva’s Original Chimneys food truck is at The Evergreen Brickworks tomorrow for their final Container Market of the season.  After that they can be found around the city and rumour has it they are getting a permanent location.  Website here.


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#64 – ice skate at the Brickworks

We only discovered The Brickworks this past year, and seriously love it.  We haven’t gone skating at the rink yet, so it made the list.

The rink isn’t huge, and is largely used by families with very tiny children who are learning to skate, which makes for a great vibe (and lots of adorable wipe outs).  Combined with the eclectic soundtrack of ’90s boy bands, Disney songs, Florence and the Machine and The Lumineers and a John Deere zamboni, it’s a really good time.


Details: The rink is open Saturday & Sundays from mid December to end of February, 11AM-4PM (weather dependant).  More info regarding the rink and The Brickworks can be found here.

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