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#94 – San Diego Zoo

It’s no secret that the San Diego Zoo is amazing, but guys, it’s A.MA.ZING.  This was my second trip to the zoo, and Adam will tell ya, it was what I talked the most about in anticipation of our trip.  I was excited for him to experience it, for Henry to be there (and take in what he would), and just have another chance to explore.  These photos do not do it justice.  The scale, the design and the experience are hard to capture (and too be honest, we were too busy exploring and enjoying to take too many photos!).  All in all, an amazing morning!

The zoo offers all sorts of neat experiences (Sunrise Strolls, Backstage Passes, VIP Experiences, etc) that we would definitely check out if/when we go back.


Details: Information about the San Diego Zoo can be found here.

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#47 – San Diego Botanic Garden

Before heading to San Diego, we made a list of a bunch of things we could do with Henry, so we were never scrambling to figure something out.  We were excited to check out the San Diego Botanic Garden; they have a Children’s Garden that sounds really fun and we love to get ideas for outdoor play spaces.

We really enjoyed walking through the gardens.  The succulent people gave us a couple good laughs (I’ve spared you from posting EVERY photo I took of them, but there are a lot, I loved them), and the children’s garden was really excellent.  Henry is of course too young to really experience it, but it did really like the musical garden, checking out the quail, and watching the bigger kids.


Details: Info about the San Diego Botanic Garden can be found here.

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#23 – Animal Encounter

We’re a big fan of animals around here, and Adam and I love being able to see wild animals, especially up close (as long as  it’s safe and respectful, for us and the animals).  When we heard about the La Jolla beaches and the seals and sea lions that hang there, we were pretty excited, and added it to our To Do list for California.

There were two different coves we went to, one with a safety rope to keep spectators from getting too close to the animals, and one without.  Very cute and very fun to sit and watch them for a while.  Henry wasn’t super into them (too busy keeping his wary little eye on the water), but a fun afternoon regardless.


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#88 – Taco night

So when this one first went on the list, we intended to make tacos at home.  But then the wedding we attended in California had a welcome bonfire on the beach with a local taco truck, and that was just way better.


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#95 – Dip our toes in the ocean

This one was harder to accomplish than one would think, due to little Henry being scared of the ocean.  It took a couple days, a small cove and lots of pre & post cuddles to accomplish this photo of all three of us.


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#93 – Go to California

We spent last weekend in California to celebrate a friend getting married.  We flew in and out of San Diego, and were staying in Encinitas, a fun little coastal city.  I’ve been to San Diego before, but this was Adam’s first time.  I love it; the vibe, the beaches, the food and the weather, and Adam was just as into it as well.  Hopefully the first of many family vacations to the west coast, there is so much to see and do! Below are just a few photos from our trip; we’ll be posting a lot more from our visit to the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Botanical Gardens, a fun animal encounter and beach bonfire taco night!


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