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#65 – Henry’s first skates

Sometimes we get really lucky with how we word things.   Henry got his first skates this year, but since it’s been so balmy and none of the ice is frozen, his first time skating will be in 2016 (on the list!).  Based on how trying on the skates went it could be hit or miss, but we’re so excited to get him out there!


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Bonus #2 – Sibs Cottage Weekend

My brother Will’s girlfriend Sam (who is just the absolute best and raises our average significantly), has a family cottage that has become pretty legendary over the years.  Will and Sam have spent a lot of time up there, and recently my brother Eric has been invited up as well.  A couple weekends ago, Will and Sam were given the chance to have the cottage to themselves, and instead invited all of us (Eric, Adam, Henry and myself) up with them.  The cottage itself was perfection, and the whole weekend was just so special.  It was great to get out of the city, but it was amazing to spend time with my brothers and Sam, and watch them with Henry.  AND the fact that Henry slept so well and allowed us some time to just hang out with the crew after his bedtime, being grown-ups, was amazing.  Overall, a truly wonderful weekend (this is also the reason that Henry and I tackled Buskerfest while Adam was at work).

A very, very big thank you to Will and Sam for inviting us up, and to Will, Sam and Eric for the quality time and amazing memories!


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#60 – Vote for Canada’s national bird

Did you guys know Canada doesn’t have an official national bird?  Me neither.  Canadian Geographic and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society want to change that, and have launched the National Bird Project, for Canadian residents to vote for their favourite bird.  Now, Adam won’t tell me how he voted (I guess bird voting is as dangerous to a harmonious marriage as political voting), but I’m not shy about how I voted.  #chickadeesforcanada


Details: Vote for your favourite bird here!

Drawing by Catherine Clark found on the Bird Watcher’s General Store website.

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#69 – Install bird feeders on the balcony

One of the big benefits of our new place is that we are no longer in a high rise, and it backs onto a ravine, with lots of big trees surrounding the property.  Since we’ve moved here in April, we’ve seen all sorts of birds; Jays, finches, chickadees, robins, woodpeckers, etc.  We wanted to put up some bird feeders on our balcony to get them a little closer for the little guy to watch once he gets a bit older (and to torment our cats, evidently).  We installed them at the beginning of the week, and for a couple days they were only used by one cheeky squirrel, but this afternoon a little crew of chickadees discovered them.


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#10 – Visit a maple syrup farm

This Saturday we went out to Pelham to meet up with Adam’s parents at White Meadows Farm.  We took a tractor ride out to their Sugar Bush Adventure; a hike through the sugar bush complete with stops to learn about maple syrup processes through history, activities, and tasty snacks.  After the sugar bush trek, we had pancakes in their Maple Lodge, and then picked up some delicious treats from the shop.


Details: Information about White Meadows Farm can be found here.  The Sugar Bush Adventure is open every weekend until March 30.

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