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Bonus #1 – Cage Diving with Great Whites

This was amazing.  We both loved it and would do it again. Video here!


Details: White Shark Adventures took good care of us, all details can be found here.  We would definitely recommend them, especially after passing some of the other tours in the area; very crowded boats and very flimsy cages.  White Shark Adventures have very sturdy cages and the tours are small, which allows lots of time in the cage!

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Bonus Things

We are back from Africa, and I am working on getting together all our blog posts of the things we crossed off while we were away.  It was an amazing trip and I’m excited to share everything we experienced!

We also have a few Bonus Things to add to our list.  First, cage diving with Great White Sharks in Cape Town.  Second, our list item #33 is to Go to South Africa.  We also spent two nights and an amazing day in Zimbabwe, so we added that in. We spent a night in Livingston, Zambia, so while it feels a little like cheating, we’ve added it to the list.  Finally, we visited Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe side), and as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, it had to make the list.  All these and more will be posted later this week!

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Progess Report

We haven’t been accomplishing much off our list the last few weeks as we have been getting ready to leave today on the big one, #33; go to South Africa. We will be spending a couple days in Cape Town, and then doing an eight day camping safari which starts at Victoria Falls in Zambia, runs through Kruger National Park and ends in Johannesburg.  We are so excited about the adventure ahead of us and everything we will be experiencing.

We have completed 12 things off our list, have about 4 in progress, so with 42 weeks left of the year, we will need to knock off an average of 2 per week.  So while the next couple weeks are going to be amazing, the rest of the year will be pretty full as well!

See you on the other side!

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