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#97 – Start a family tradition

We did it!!  2015 is complete.  We’ve done some amazing things together; some big and some little, but all special because of the memories we’re making with our little family.

A few things we’re hoping to continue through the years are;

  1. Apple picking
  2. Picking a Christmas tree
  3. Family photos taken every year
  4. Decorate a tree for the birds at Christmas

Our Elf on the Shelf brought Henry a stack of holiday-themed books the day before Christmas Eve.  We’re also planning on keeping that up, and bringing out the previous year’s books on the day we decorate our tree.

Happy New Years, everyone!  We’re looking forward to sharing our 2016 tomorrow!

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#48 – Baby play date

A few weeks back my best gal Elizabeth (who lives just too damn far away), was in town with her perfect little Ellie.  We took the babes to Bronte Creek Provincial Park to visit the animals and explore the big play barn.


Details: Information about Bronte Creek can be found here.

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#77 – High Park Nature Centre special event

Throughout the year, Henry and I take an amazing baby/caregiver program at the High Park Nature Centre called Nature Babies.  Through that, we learned about the Decorate a Tree for the Birds program the Centre runs the weekend before Christmas.  It was charming, fun and festive and the three of us just loved it.

There were multiple different stations set up to make animal and bird friendly ornaments, hot beverages and snacks, storytime, and a hike through the park ending in an evergreen grove which we decorated for the birds.


Details: Information about the High Park Nature Centre and other special events can be found here.

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#34 – Do a time lapse project

Last weekend we picked our perfect tree, and this weekend we decorated it, so we thought it would be a good time lapse.  It ended up being a lot of us waiting for the branches to relax, but it still is kind of cute.  And although it looks like Henry might be helping, he was definitely taking down ornaments as quickly (quicker) than we put them up.  The tree now lives in the back hallway near the bedrooms so our mischievous cats can’t access it.

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#53 – Ben’s bird sanctuary

Tucked away in High Park is a pretty special place; Ben’s Bird Sanctuary.  Hanging throughout a small clearing are approximately 50 bird feeders, many of them homemade.  A gentleman by the name of Benjamin Holloway created the sanctuary years ago.  He has since passed, but a number of his friends and the community keep it up, keeping the feeders full year round.

It’s a pretty lovely and truly magical place.  We didn’t have the right kind of camera for bird watching, but saw just tons of birds, chipmunks and squirrels (and guys, it’s fat squirrel season, which is just my favourite).


Details: The sanctuary can be tricky to find unless you know where it is.  This blog post gives fairly decent directions (though everything looks totally different in Fall/Winter, but it is easier to find without leaves on the trees).

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#27 – Pumpkin patch

We’ve never picked our own pumpkin before, and I thought that it was the sort of family-friendly activity that screams to be made into a tradition, so on the list it went!  We met up with my cousin and her sweet boys over Thanksgiving and found some perfect pumpkins!


Details: Information about Andrew’s Scenic Acres can be found here.

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#43 – Franklin’s Children’s Garden on Centre Island

I love children’s gardens and this one did not disappoint.


Details: Information about the garden and programs can be found here.  After perusing this, I realized we missed a couple things.  Goals for next time!

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