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#22 -Neighbourhood Christmas decorations tour

This was much more fun than our Hallowe’en tour, if only because the early twilight this time of year makes it feel less weird taking photos of our neighbour’s homes.  The balmy weather we’ve been having made it a really lovely stroll the day before Christmas Eve.


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#34 – Do a time lapse project

Last weekend we picked our perfect tree, and this weekend we decorated it, so we thought it would be a good time lapse.  It ended up being a lot of us waiting for the branches to relax, but it still is kind of cute.  And although it looks like Henry might be helping, he was definitely taking down ornaments as quickly (quicker) than we put them up.  The tree now lives in the back hallway near the bedrooms so our mischievous cats can’t access it.

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#85 – Baby’s first Christmas

Henry passed the eight week mark just before Christmas and his two month birthday just after.  The holidays were an overwhelming blur of family and celebrations, which we tried our best to take in from the haze of exhaustion (this babe does not sleep, which means I, and to a lesser extent Adam, do not sleep).  We tried to be as conscientious as we could that we would want to remember Henry’s first Christmas; some of our favourite photos below!  We are so grateful to our families for making the holidays magical for Henry (and spoiling him rotten!)  Hope everyone had a happy and love-filled holidays!


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#16 – Baby’s first Christmas tree

We were going to start getting a Christmas tree next year, but when we visited my Dad and Uncles at work, they insisted Henry needed one.  So we picked the smallest one out of the mini-tree pen, and now Henry has his very own tree in his bedroom.  Next year, a full sized one!


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#91 – Mail Christmas cards

When Henry was just over two weeks old, we did a family photo session with the amazing Scarlet O’Neill.  Adam used a couple of the images from that day and created a few different holiday cards.


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