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Bonus #2 – Sibs Cottage Weekend

My brother Will’s girlfriend Sam (who is just the absolute best and raises our average significantly), has a family cottage that has become pretty legendary over the years.  Will and Sam have spent a lot of time up there, and recently my brother Eric has been invited up as well.  A couple weekends ago, Will and Sam were given the chance to have the cottage to themselves, and instead invited all of us (Eric, Adam, Henry and myself) up with them.  The cottage itself was perfection, and the whole weekend was just so special.  It was great to get out of the city, but it was amazing to spend time with my brothers and Sam, and watch them with Henry.  AND the fact that Henry slept so well and allowed us some time to just hang out with the crew after his bedtime, being grown-ups, was amazing.  Overall, a truly wonderful weekend (this is also the reason that Henry and I tackled Buskerfest while Adam was at work).

A very, very big thank you to Will and Sam for inviting us up, and to Will, Sam and Eric for the quality time and amazing memories!


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