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#79 – Write a book

Henry loves, loves, loves looking at photos of babies, but especially photos of himself, so we wrote him a book based on him.  I spared you the whole silly story, but here are a couple of my favourite pages.


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#26 – Complete a knitting project

We (but really, mostly I), knit Henry this crib blanket.  And I mean, he doesn’t like blankets at all right now but maybe he will one day and he’ll have this blanket; with gaps and holes and lots of mistakes, but made with just buttloads of love.


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#25 – Learn to knit

Way back in February, Will’s Sam and our friend Jess taught me to knit (and I taught Adam the single stitch I know).  Gratuitous baby Henry photo included below.


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#75 – Kiss under Mistletoe

Surprisingly difficult to casually find hanging around, so I made a mistletoe-to-go with some branches, holly and twine (there is some mistletoe hanging right in the top centre, but tricky to see in the photo).

‘Tis the season.


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#96 – Family Hallowe’en costumes

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a costume?   We were pretty excited for Henry’s second first real Hallowe’en (last year Hallowe’en was the day we got home from the hospital with brand new Henry, so we didn’t participate).  Best part?  Adam’s mother is an amazing seamstress and offered to make not just Henry’s costume, but ours as well.  And how amazing are they?  Let the wild rumpus start!


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#63 – Make baby sensory toys

When we were looking into sensory toys to make for Henry, we kept seeing these sensory activity walls on Pinterest, and really like them.  Our apartment has a fairly sizeable hallway between our bedrooms and the bathroom, so we’re using it as additional play space.  Since it’s a hallway though, we didn’t want large toys in the space, so using the wall space was the perfect solution.  We did have trouble finding flat toys that easily affixed to our board, so we improvised with balls, rope and some IKEA finds.  We have some large wiffle balls and drawer pulls for him to pull himself up on, a knotted rope for the same purpose, some small wiffle balls on a rope to push back and forth, a magnetic board and a bin that we’ve put some bumpy sensory balls in.

Henry was a big fan and tried out everything on the wall after we installed it and let him loose on it.


Details: The rope & wiffle balls are from Canadian Tire.  The magnetic board, green storage bin and drawer pulls are from IKEA.  The jumbo magnetic letters are from Indigo.

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#42 – Send someone a letter by mail just because

There is something so delightful and surprising about getting mail from someone for no reason, and we hope our surprise letter brings a little joy to the lovely lady we’re sending this to.


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