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#83 – Brickworks Winter Village

Every weekend in the winter (and well into the Spring when the name switched to the Container Market), The Brickworks had an awesome set up of various vendors and activities set up inside shipping containers.  Around those were picnic tables, chairs and fire pits.  It was really fantastic and we hope they do it again next year!


Details: Information about the Evergreen Brickworks and their various events can be found here.

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#92 – OG Chimney Cone

So these Chimney Cones have been making the rounds on Instagram in a big way, and so we (well I) decided we should probably get one.  #noregrets


Details: The Eva’s Original Chimneys food truck is at The Evergreen Brickworks tomorrow for their final Container Market of the season.  After that they can be found around the city and rumour has it they are getting a permanent location.  Website here.


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#84 – Surprise date planned by Adam

Adam planned his surprise date this week and took me to Cafe Belong (my all time favourite place in Toronto) for a lovely meal.  He also gets props for planning a surprise birthday dinner for me back in November, but said it didn’t count since it was a birthday.


Details: Menus and information about Cafe Belong can be found here.

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#9 – Brickworks Pizza Night

Once a week throughout the summer, The Evergreen Brickworks has a pizza night.  Pizzeria Libretto comes out and makes pizza at the outdoor wood burning stove, there’s a bar, snacks; it’s all really delightful.  We went out for the very last one, which also happened to be TD’s Best of Summer Nights, so all the food was complimentary.  Totally awesome.  It was the perfect early Fall night, lots of delicious food.  And then, to make it completely perfect, we went to Cafe Belong for some outstanding drinks and dessert, not to mention incredible live music.  Once again The Brickworks/Cafe Belong worked it’s magic and it was the very best date night we’ve had post-Henry.


Details: Information about The Brickworks, including their calendar of events, can be found here.

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#59 – Take Sam’s parents to Cafe Belong

Oh boy, guys, are we ever slacking.  Little Henry has been on sleep strike since day one, and do I ever have a deep and real understanding why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture.  We are slowly and surely chipping away at our list, but finding a second and a half to post is another thing altogether (this post brought to you by our newly acquired exersaucer).

Cafe Belong is our favourite restaurant in the city; no secret there, we’ve managed to get it on the list every year in a different way.  Ever since we discovered it, we’ve always said how much my parents would love it, but we never managed to get it organized (we took Adam’s parents there at some point).

So two weekends ago we enlisted my brother and his girlfriend to babysit (for those keeping count, that would be two baby-free outings in two weeks), and we all headed over for a lovely lunch.  We wandered the farmer’s market at the Brickworks first, and then had the usual exceptional lunch; great food, great service, great company.


Details: Information about hours, location and menu can be found here.

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#75 – Vendor Queens Market at the Brickworks

We hit up the Vendor Queens Market the The Brickworks today to finish off our holiday shopping.  It was a great little market of a variety of vendors; jewellery, art, clothing, wood working, soaps, honey, etc.  We scored a number of great items, but we’re only showing our collection of brown bags below, we don’t want to spoil any Christmas surprises!   The cinnamon honey was a treat for us!


Details: Information about Vendor Queens can be found here.  Information about the Brickworks can be found here.

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#93 – Brewer’s Backyard at the Brickworks

This is another swap on our list; #93 was originally ‘Get away on vacation’, which I was holding on to for as long as I could, just in case.  But with the baby due soon (tomorrow!  Hopefully he’s punctual), and only a handful of weeks left of the year, I had to give it up.  So we decided to check out the Brewer’s Backyard event at The Brickworks; totally appropriate for a pregnant lady.  Despite not partaking in the drinks myself, Adam did, and we had a great time.  You all know we love the Brickworks, and this was a fun addition to the space.  There was an Octoberfest theme; three breweries had pretty extensive draft lists and Wvrst was onsite with their fancy sausages. Adam tried Beau’s Nightmarzan Oktoberfest Lager and Junction Craft Brewing‘s Acheterbahn Dunkel. Black Oak Brewery was also onsite, but he didn’t try anything from them and his favourite of the two was the Beau’s.  We had a great time at the event, and exploring the space and would definitely go back.


Details: Information about the Brewer’s Backyard series can be found here.  It looks like they have multiple locations and events throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons.  Information about events at the Brickworks can be found here.

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#95 – Dress up for a fancy night out

We are way more comfortable in jeans and t-shirts than being dressed up, so getting fancy for a night made it on the list.  Of course, as these things go, 2013 ended up being the year for love, and we went to eight weddings, so were dressed up a fair amount this year.

It was my birthday this weekend, which also happened to be the same day Adam flew to Paris for a business trip, so we celebrated last week at my favourite place; Cafe Belong.  We ordered the vegetarian communal menu again, and it was just as delicious as earlier in the year.  This post is supposed to be about us getting dressed up, but I’ve included photos of the food because, let’s face it, it’s way prettier than we are!

I can never say enough about Cafe Belong; the food, the service and the drinks are always exceptional!


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