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#99 – Horse drawn carriage or sleigh

On Thanksgiving weekend we hit up Andrew’s Scenic acres for some picture perfect Fall activities (a couple more to come!), and they happened to have these two adorable mini-horses (I checked, mini horses, not ponies) pulling a cart through the flower fields.  How could we pass it up?!  Henry and I got all the fun, while Adam took the photos.


Details: Information about Andrew’s Scenic Acres can be found here.  This is where we went to pick our own strawberries and flowers.

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#13 – Roast pumpkin seeds

Carving a pumpkin and then gorging on roasted seeds afterwards is basically a perfect Fall afternoon.  Yum.


Details: We used this recipe from Oh She Glows as a guide.  The seeds ended up tasting delicious, but I think I did something weird along the way, as they are not golden, but sort of patchy.

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#68 – Make apple butter

Until I started looking up recipes, I didn’t realize there was no butter involved in apple butter.  Just delicious apples cooked down with sugar and spices into concentrated deliciousness.  We went back to Pine Farms Orchards to pick some apples (a combo of Spartan, Corkland, Honeycrisp and Red Delicious),   Adam’s sister Martha helped us prepping the apples, then they went into the slow cooker for 12 hours.  It made our apartment smell amazing, and the results were pretty darn tasty.



Details: We more or less followed this recipe from My Baking Addiction.  I say more or less, as we don’t have kitchen scale, so we’re not certain about exactly how many apples to use.

Pine Farm Orchards are in King City.  Hours and location can be found here.

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#27 – Go apple picking

We found the most idyllic apple farm in King City this weekend.  We spent a great morning at Pine Farms Orchards; wandering the fields and picking apples with our friends Jenn, Justin and baby Ben and then getting some tasty treats from their cafe.


Details: Pine Farm Orchard is in King City, about 35 minutes outside of Toronto.  Their address and hours can be found here.

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