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#97 – Start a family tradition

We did it!!  2015 is complete.  We’ve done some amazing things together; some big and some little, but all special because of the memories we’re making with our little family.

A few things we’re hoping to continue through the years are;

  1. Apple picking
  2. Picking a Christmas tree
  3. Family photos taken every year
  4. Decorate a tree for the birds at Christmas

Our Elf on the Shelf brought Henry a stack of holiday-themed books the day before Christmas Eve.  We’re also planning on keeping that up, and bringing out the previous year’s books on the day we decorate our tree.

Happy New Years, everyone!  We’re looking forward to sharing our 2016 tomorrow!

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#34 – Do a time lapse project

Last weekend we picked our perfect tree, and this weekend we decorated it, so we thought it would be a good time lapse.  It ended up being a lot of us waiting for the branches to relax, but it still is kind of cute.  And although it looks like Henry might be helping, he was definitely taking down ornaments as quickly (quicker) than we put them up.  The tree now lives in the back hallway near the bedrooms so our mischievous cats can’t access it.

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#49 – Neighbourhood Halloween decorations tour

When I was a kid, my parents would take us driving around the neighbourhood on Christmas Eve to see all the best lights and I just loved it.  So we put it on our list to do with Henry.

We also noticed (around Halloween 2014 when we were walking, walking, walking trying to get our stubborn babe to come), that our neighbours did a great job with Halloween, so on the list it went.

What we didn’t consider is how darn creepy it made us feel walking around the ‘hood taking photos of our neighbour’s houses.  So here are the few photos that aren’t out of focus, have half a hand or are mostly sidewalk as we tried to take photos without looking like we were casing the houses.   This selection certainly doesn’t do the street justice, there were some spectacular displays.

Wish us luck for our Christmas jaunt.


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#1 – Go camping

Our first day at Killbear, we were out on the rocks, and Adam said “how amazing is it to be here with Henry?”.  And it really was.  I grew up at Killbear, and it holds so many memories and is so familiar.  It was a really crazy mind warp having my baby there and though he isn’t old enough to have memories of it, it was so cool to start what is hopefully a long term family tradition.  To make it extra special, my brothers and Sam came up for the last few days.  My brothers and I haven’t been on vacation together for 15 years (the last time we were at Killbear as a family), so that was amazing to have them there with us.

That all being said, it was also a challenging week.  Henry cut teeth and went through a growth spurt and was really unsettled being out of his space and routine.  Renting the tent trailer was definitely key to getting through the week, and the little red wagon was our top piece of equipment.  He loved it, and he was happy to be strapped in with some toys to play with while we made meals, tidied around camp, etc.

Check out more photos of our sandcastle attempts, canoeing, and swimming in Georgian Bay.


Details: Information and reservations for Killbear can be found here.

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#4 – Joyce Family Winter Classic

This Christmas, my parents forbid us from getting them any presents.  So my brothers, Sam, Adam and I got together and planned a day of family fun instead; dubbed the Joyce Winter Classic.  Below is the itinerary we gifted them on Christmas, and a few photos from the day!

Joycewinterclassic (1)-page-001


Details: We started our day at Cafe Novo, a great local cafe just outside High Park.  We went for a stroll through High Park, including the zoo (more photos from that coming soon!), and then after a big meal, we went to the Samuel Smith Skating trail.


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#44 – Take photos with Santa

This morning we went to meet a local mall Santa and get some photos.  We followed about four crying babies, so Santa was pretty pleased to see our sleeping little one.


Details: We went to Cloverdale Mall, hours and package details can be found here.  Unfortunately they do not allow you to take your own photos (other malls/Santas do).

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