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#1 – Go camping

Our first day at Killbear, we were out on the rocks, and Adam said “how amazing is it to be here with Henry?”.  And it really was.  I grew up at Killbear, and it holds so many memories and is so familiar.  It was a really crazy mind warp having my baby there and though he isn’t old enough to have memories of it, it was so cool to start what is hopefully a long term family tradition.  To make it extra special, my brothers and Sam came up for the last few days.  My brothers and I haven’t been on vacation together for 15 years (the last time we were at Killbear as a family), so that was amazing to have them there with us.

That all being said, it was also a challenging week.  Henry cut teeth and went through a growth spurt and was really unsettled being out of his space and routine.  Renting the tent trailer was definitely key to getting through the week, and the little red wagon was our top piece of equipment.  He loved it, and he was happy to be strapped in with some toys to play with while we made meals, tidied around camp, etc.

Check out more photos of our sandcastle attempts, canoeing, and swimming in Georgian Bay.


Details: Information and reservations for Killbear can be found here.

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#68 – Take Henry lake swimming

The swimming at Killbear is amazing; on Georgian Bay, the water is clear, always refreshing (but not too cold), and has a mix of sandy and rock bottoms.  Henry was a big fan of the water!


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#22 – Build a sandcastle

I mean, I guess to be accurate this one is attempt to build a sandcastle before a speedy little destruct-o races across the sand to flatten the towers, but I think it still counts.


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#69 – Go canoeing

We rented a canoe for the last two days of our camping trip.  Henry seemed to really like the canoe/water, but really fought the life jacket, so we only went out once for a quick paddle.  We would have tried a few more small trips, except the canoe we rented was one of the heaviest monsters in existence, and the 10 minute hike to the water from our site made multiple treks unappealing.  But, still fun!


Details: We rented our canoe from the Killbear Mall General Store.

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#94 – San Diego Zoo

It’s no secret that the San Diego Zoo is amazing, but guys, it’s A.MA.ZING.  This was my second trip to the zoo, and Adam will tell ya, it was what I talked the most about in anticipation of our trip.  I was excited for him to experience it, for Henry to be there (and take in what he would), and just have another chance to explore.  These photos do not do it justice.  The scale, the design and the experience are hard to capture (and too be honest, we were too busy exploring and enjoying to take too many photos!).  All in all, an amazing morning!

The zoo offers all sorts of neat experiences (Sunrise Strolls, Backstage Passes, VIP Experiences, etc) that we would definitely check out if/when we go back.


Details: Information about the San Diego Zoo can be found here.

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#47 – San Diego Botanic Garden

Before heading to San Diego, we made a list of a bunch of things we could do with Henry, so we were never scrambling to figure something out.  We were excited to check out the San Diego Botanic Garden; they have a Children’s Garden that sounds really fun and we love to get ideas for outdoor play spaces.

We really enjoyed walking through the gardens.  The succulent people gave us a couple good laughs (I’ve spared you from posting EVERY photo I took of them, but there are a lot, I loved them), and the children’s garden was really excellent.  Henry is of course too young to really experience it, but it did really like the musical garden, checking out the quail, and watching the bigger kids.


Details: Info about the San Diego Botanic Garden can be found here.

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#23 – Animal Encounter

We’re a big fan of animals around here, and Adam and I love being able to see wild animals, especially up close (as long as  it’s safe and respectful, for us and the animals).  When we heard about the La Jolla beaches and the seals and sea lions that hang there, we were pretty excited, and added it to our To Do list for California.

There were two different coves we went to, one with a safety rope to keep spectators from getting too close to the animals, and one without.  Very cute and very fun to sit and watch them for a while.  Henry wasn’t super into them (too busy keeping his wary little eye on the water), but a fun afternoon regardless.


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