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#89 – Sam: complete a 2nd knitting project

I spent the winter knitting a pile of baby blankets (because they are all I know how to knit, upcoming goals; learn something other than a square).  The blankets came into rotation on August 29th with the arrival of Poppy Jane, the chillest member of our little team of four.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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#4 – Joyce Winter Classic 2016

Last year we started the Joyce Winter Classic; in lieu of Christmas gifts, my brothers and I plan a day of family fun.  This year my brother managed most of the planning, and we spent a great day going to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory, having brunch at a family restaurant in Burlington and then feeding the chickadees at the RBG.  (All this happened way back in January).

Photos from the Butterfly Conservatory and the RBG coming soon in individual posts!



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#34 – Do a time lapse project

Last weekend we picked our perfect tree, and this weekend we decorated it, so we thought it would be a good time lapse.  It ended up being a lot of us waiting for the branches to relax, but it still is kind of cute.  And although it looks like Henry might be helping, he was definitely taking down ornaments as quickly (quicker) than we put them up.  The tree now lives in the back hallway near the bedrooms so our mischievous cats can’t access it.

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#51 – Attempt another Dear Photograph submission

Since we were back at Killbear this summer, we attempted the same Dear Photograph as last year (our failed attempt here).  My brother and I both tried this, and while I think we did a way better job than last year, still couldn’t match it up perfectly.  What the heck is the secret to this?  I feel like it shouldn’t be as challenging as it was!


Check out Dear Photograph here.

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#89 – Baby park picnic

Last weekend we met up with our friends Nate and Brianne (you’ll recognize them from our gingerbread and sparkler posts), and their adorable littles Finley and Bennett for a picnic at our favourite park.  We love spending time with this lovely family, and are excited for many more adventures with this cute little gang!


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Henry’s first Colo(u)r Run

We’re big, big Colo(u)r Run fans; we’ve done the Buffalo run the last two years (2013 & 2014), and just love it.  This year, the Buffalo run was scheduled for a Canadian long weekend, which meant our Colour Crew (my brothers Eric & Will, and Will’s girlfriend Sam) weren’t able to make it, being cottage-going folk.  So, we decided to try the newly added GTA run.

This experience was WAY different than the Buffalo run.

– The run was in Uxbridge; to say that’s in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), is a bit of a stretch.  It took place at a ski resort out in the country and the venue was definitely stretched to capacity, with a single lane driveway in, it took ages just to turn into the site.  Buffalo has a ton of great restaurants and shops we like to hit up after our race, and this year, being in the middle of the country, we just headed straight home afterwards.
– The course was on ski resort, and was up and down the ski hills, cross country ski trails and occasionally just mowed out of fields.  I mean, we probably should have put that together, but the course was surprisingly challenging, and due to the rough terrain, meant we were carrying Henry the whole way, as the little umbrella stroller we brought wasn’t up to the challenge.  The course definitely had charm, it had beautiful scenery and some really lovely stretches.
– Whether due to it being the first year at this location, or smaller number of participants, the colour stations were pretty lacklustre.  We weren’t diving into the colour zones as we have in the past since we had Henry, but there’s something pretty awesome about seeing huge clouds of colour rising up ahead of you that was missing from this race.

We were missing two of our team (one to illness, one to double-booking), but still had a great time with Will, and enjoyed the unexpected excellent workout.  Henry has this 5K thing sorted; get carried the whole time, take a quick nap for a kilometre or so in the middle, then wake up to walk across the finish line, get the glory and the finishers medal.

Overall, a really fun day, but we missed the Buffalo experience and are thinking about heading down in August to get our fix!


Details: All the information about the Color Run can be found here.

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#81 – Family bike ride

Last weekend we outfitted ourselves for a family bike ride; baby seat for Henry, and helmets all around.  We went for a short test ride (we’re never sure how Henry will react to new things), but he was a champ and seemed to enjoy himself.  Longer excursions are in our future!


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#4 – Joyce Family Winter Classic

This Christmas, my parents forbid us from getting them any presents.  So my brothers, Sam, Adam and I got together and planned a day of family fun instead; dubbed the Joyce Winter Classic.  Below is the itinerary we gifted them on Christmas, and a few photos from the day!

Joycewinterclassic (1)-page-001


Details: We started our day at Cafe Novo, a great local cafe just outside High Park.  We went for a stroll through High Park, including the zoo (more photos from that coming soon!), and then after a big meal, we went to the Samuel Smith Skating trail.


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#85 – Baby’s first Christmas

Henry passed the eight week mark just before Christmas and his two month birthday just after.  The holidays were an overwhelming blur of family and celebrations, which we tried our best to take in from the haze of exhaustion (this babe does not sleep, which means I, and to a lesser extent Adam, do not sleep).  We tried to be as conscientious as we could that we would want to remember Henry’s first Christmas; some of our favourite photos below!  We are so grateful to our families for making the holidays magical for Henry (and spoiling him rotten!)  Hope everyone had a happy and love-filled holidays!


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