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#61 – Make apple chips

Only half our batch turned out, but we don’t have the proper slicey thing, so our apples were uneven, and I rushed them a bit because I needed the oven for dinner.  Overall, not a failure, and something we would try again!


Details: We used this recipe from Foodie Misadventures.

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#26 – Complete a knitting project

We (but really, mostly I), knit Henry this crib blanket.  And I mean, he doesn’t like blankets at all right now but maybe he will one day and he’ll have this blanket; with gaps and holes and lots of mistakes, but made with just buttloads of love.


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#57 – Make homemade cinnamon buns

Guys, we have never had so much left to do with so little time left in the year.  We are bopping over here trying to get it all done (who wants to relax over the holidays, certainly not us).

We made these cinnamon buns this afternoon and they just didn’t turn out.  They taste pretty good, but the texture is weird; hard and dry.  I would say this was definitely something we did wrong, and not the fault of the recipe.


Details: We used this recipe from Food.com.

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#96 – Family Hallowe’en costumes

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a costume?   We were pretty excited for Henry’s second first real Hallowe’en (last year Hallowe’en was the day we got home from the hospital with brand new Henry, so we didn’t participate).  Best part?  Adam’s mother is an amazing seamstress and offered to make not just Henry’s costume, but ours as well.  And how amazing are they?  Let the wild rumpus start!


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#37 – Make fancy homemade lemonade

We had the cutest picnic this past weekend with some adorable babes (post coming soon!), so I made a couple lemonades to bring along.  I sort of used the recipe below as a base, but used agave instead of sugar (and much less), which made it a little tart, so upped the water.  I made a Watermelon & Agave Lemonade (blended fresh watermelon, added to lemon juice, water & agave) and a Roasted Pineapple, fresh mint & Agave Lemonade (roasted pineapple at 400C, blended with fresh mint, strained into lemon juice, agave and water)..  Both seemed to be hits, but I think the Roasted Pineapple was the winner.



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#70 – Make homemade coloured pasta

Since making fresh pasta for the first time in 2013, Adam has become our resident pasta-making expert and regularly makes it.  He was keen to up his game and try a coloured pasta, so along with his little sous chef, made spinach spaghetti.  So delicious (though questionable plating).


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#64 – Make homemade baby food

I have loved making Henry food (so far!).  I found a site I really like (Baby FoodE), that uses really interesting combinations and spices, my hope being that he is an adventurous eater.  Below is yesterday’s batch of food, hopefully it will last a few days.  Not pictured are Henry’s daily avocado (his favourite) and egg.  He’s on a big fruit kick right now, and isn’t that interested in veggies, so we’re just going with it for now (and hiding spinach and kale in fruit mixes once in a while).


Details: Roasted Blueberry recipe found here.  Plum, blueberries & spinach found here (I left out the cilantro since I didn’t have any).  Pear, prunes and clove found here.  Roasted apple and blackberry recipe found here.

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#46 – Make mulled wine

We went rouge on this one and didn’t follow a recipe.  I dumped wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange slices, cranberries and honey into a pot and let it simmer for a bit, then we consumed.  Adam said it was pretty good (and made the apartment smell amazing), but I was pretty into it.  It was my first drink in 2014, though, so anything boozy would get my stamp of approval at this point.


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#84 – Make maple syrup candy

We’re adding this one to our list of fails; we did something wrong along the way, and the syrup didn’t harden.  I might give this another shot, but not sure we’ll have time before the New Year, so it’s going down as a fail for 2014.


Details: We used this recipe; based on the reviews, it was hit or miss for most people.

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