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#92 – OG Chimney Cone

So these Chimney Cones have been making the rounds on Instagram in a big way, and so we (well I) decided we should probably get one.  #noregrets


Details: The Eva’s Original Chimneys food truck is at The Evergreen Brickworks tomorrow for their final Container Market of the season.  After that they can be found around the city and rumour has it they are getting a permanent location.  Website here.


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#83 – Surprise date, planned by Sam

We got this idea from our friends over at Our Peculiar Band of Characters (if you are doing your own lists and need some ideas, check out their 2014 and 2015 lists, they have amazing ideas and we love following their adventures!).

So I can’t even be humble about this one, because guys, I rocked this.  Adam had no idea what we were doing on our multi-stage date night on Friday, and I’m pretty confident I’ve set the bar high for his turn at planning a date.

We started out at Wilbur Mexicana, a new-ish Mexican place, featuring tacos, and a salsa and hot sauce bar.  Totally fun, totally delicious.

Next we walked over to the big ticket event of the evening.  The TSO screened Back to the Future, with the full orchestra playing the entire score live.  It was incredible.  Movie scores are designed to mirror and exaggerate emotions and moods on screen, and to have it played live (upping the power, emotions, etc), was just awe inspiring.  Add to that a fairly fun and rowdy crowd (encouraged by the conductor), it was a super fun evening and probably one of the cooler things we’ve done in the city in a while.

THEN we walked over to the newly opened Sweet Jesus ice cream shop for some truly obnoxiously delicious ice cream cones, showing true commitment eating them walking back to the subway in zero degree weather.

Overall, an amazing night (though super sub-par photos!) and really fun having the element of surprise through the whole evening.


Details: Information about the TSO can be found here.  The next movie they are screening with live orchestra is Psycho on Halloween with full orchestra.  Menu and hours for Wilbur Mexicana can be found here and for Sweet Jesus here.

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#30 – Get ice cream from Tom’s Dairy Freeze

So this one we knocked off a couple weeks ago, I just haven’t gotten around to posting it yet.  And let’s be honest, we are going to be hitting up Tom’s a lot this summer, especially since we moved we’re only 10 minutes away.

Open since 1969, Tom’s has any kind of ice cream concoction you could want. #yum



Details: Information about Tom’s can be found here and here.


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#76 – Make ice cream

We don’t have an ice cream maker, so I searched Pinterest until I found an ice cream recipe that didn’t require one.   It seemed like my kind of recipe; easy to follow, not complicated and only a couple ingredients.  Unfortunately it just wasn’t that good and didn’t compare to the real thing.  Not a winner.


Details: We used this recipe from Kevin & Amanda (found on Pinterest).  It wasn’t terrible, but not something we’d make again.

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#79 – Go to the Ex

When I was younger, a family friend took my brothers and I, along with her two kids, to Ontario Place and The Ex every summer.  Adam thinks he has only been once, around the age of five.

Our evening started by being seriously soaked by a flash storm, so we took refuge in the food building, where Adam sampled one of the culinary monstrosities available.

After the rain passed, we went out and went on as many rides as we could before my fear of heights and my motion sickness brought that portion of the evening to an abrupt halt.  I recovered enough to enjoy a giant ice cream on our way out.


Details: The Ex is open through to September 2.  More information can be found here.

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#29 – Go to a country fair

This one went on the list specifically as something to do with Liz and Ty.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to make it up for their favourite local fairs, but when we discovered there was the annual Kingston Sheepdog Trials the same weekend we were going up, we figured we would make it count.

We made a pit stop on the way to Kingston at Wendy’s Country Market, an awesome market filled with local goodies.  Our intention was to grab a quick bite from the food truck and some honey, but when we arrived, Adam realized we had punctured a tire on the way over, and it was completely flat, as was his spare.  Leigha, Wendy’s daughter, drove up to her grandfather’s farm to see if they had something to help us get to the closest Canadian Tire.  After a bit, our rescuer came down the hill on a giant orange tractor and got us filled up.

While not a country fair, we are including our pit stop in this one as we had a great time at Wendy’s; visiting with Leigha’s pig Duchess, her chickens and rabbits; sampling and consuming some seriously delicious ice cream and enjoying the sun.  We also really appreciate Leigha and her grandfather for helping us out!


Once we were back on the road, we headed to the sheepdog trials.  Elizabeth and Jennie (the ultimate judges of whether it was a true country fair), deemed it so.  “You know you are at a country fair when you step out of your car into sheep dung.”

We did come in right at the end due to our tire adventures, so we missed some of the demonstrations (including sheep shearing, weaving, etc), but we did catch a couple sheepdog trials (complete with snarky commentator).

Overall, a great afternoon in the country!


Details; Wendy’s Country Market is in Lyndhurst.  They have fresh fruit and veggies, preserves, cheeses, meats and prepared meals, as well as the food truck and ice cream.  More details can be found here.

Information about Kingston’s Sheepdog Trials can be found here.

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