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#58 – Science Centre

We loved the Science Centre!  We probably only saw 1/10 of everything and it was great.  Henry loved it and we will likely try to go back again soon.  The space they have for the younger kids was great, but he loved the other exhibits just as much; his favourite was the rainforest room.


Details: Hours, location and exhibit info can be found here.

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#48 – Baby play date

A few weeks back my best gal Elizabeth (who lives just too damn far away), was in town with her perfect little Ellie.  We took the babes to Bronte Creek Provincial Park to visit the animals and explore the big play barn.


Details: Information about Bronte Creek can be found here.

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#13 – Royal Winter Fair

We visited the Royal with our midweek Adam stand-in Laura.  It was a fun morning; Henry loved all the baby animals (I get that kid), but wasn’t sure about the bigger animals.

As a kid/family activity I’m not sure I’d go back any time soon.  I’d rather take him to an outdoor farm to see animals.  While it was amazing to see the variety there, it didn’t offer a lot for the little guy that he couldn’t get somewhere like Far Enough Farm (full disclosure: we didn’t see any of the dog shows or kids programming which was mostly on weekends, so that might have improved the experience for him).


Details: Information about the Royal can be found here.

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#77 – High Park Nature Centre special event

Throughout the year, Henry and I take an amazing baby/caregiver program at the High Park Nature Centre called Nature Babies.  Through that, we learned about the Decorate a Tree for the Birds program the Centre runs the weekend before Christmas.  It was charming, fun and festive and the three of us just loved it.

There were multiple different stations set up to make animal and bird friendly ornaments, hot beverages and snacks, storytime, and a hike through the park ending in an evergreen grove which we decorated for the birds.


Details: Information about the High Park Nature Centre and other special events can be found here.

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#3 – Make a fort

What better activity for a group of 25-30 year olds on Boxing Day?  Henry’s first fort!  We will need to level up once he knows what’s actually happening.


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