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#7 – Kite Festival

Two weekends ago we went to the Burlington Kite Festival; five minutes after we arrive a giant storm blew in (complete with thunder and lighting), and so that was the entirety of our experience.  Henry was really excited and interested in the kites, so definitely something we would try again.  It was a pretty small festival (partially because of the weather, but also just seemed low key), so we might look for a bigger one, but still fun!

IMG_20160605_173719 (1)

Details: Information about the Burlington Kite Festival can be found here.

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#83 – Brickworks Winter Village

Every weekend in the winter (and well into the Spring when the name switched to the Container Market), The Brickworks had an awesome set up of various vendors and activities set up inside shipping containers.  Around those were picnic tables, chairs and fire pits.  It was really fantastic and we hope they do it again next year!


Details: Information about the Evergreen Brickworks and their various events can be found here.

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#58 – Science Centre

We loved the Science Centre!  We probably only saw 1/10 of everything and it was great.  Henry loved it and we will likely try to go back again soon.  The space they have for the younger kids was great, but he loved the other exhibits just as much; his favourite was the rainforest room.


Details: Hours, location and exhibit info can be found here.

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#79 – Write a book

Henry loves, loves, loves looking at photos of babies, but especially photos of himself, so we wrote him a book based on him.  I spared you the whole silly story, but here are a couple of my favourite pages.


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#48 – Baby play date

A few weeks back my best gal Elizabeth (who lives just too damn far away), was in town with her perfect little Ellie.  We took the babes to Bronte Creek Provincial Park to visit the animals and explore the big play barn.


Details: Information about Bronte Creek can be found here.

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#77 – High Park Nature Centre special event

Throughout the year, Henry and I take an amazing baby/caregiver program at the High Park Nature Centre called Nature Babies.  Through that, we learned about the Decorate a Tree for the Birds program the Centre runs the weekend before Christmas.  It was charming, fun and festive and the three of us just loved it.

There were multiple different stations set up to make animal and bird friendly ornaments, hot beverages and snacks, storytime, and a hike through the park ending in an evergreen grove which we decorated for the birds.


Details: Information about the High Park Nature Centre and other special events can be found here.

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#10 – Snakes & Lattes

Snakes & Lattes is a board game cafe here in Toronto.  It’s been super popular since opening a couple years ago, and is even the basis for a new sitcom.   For whatever reason, I was sort of dreading this one; I didn’t expect it to be very baby friendly (all the ways I was wrong about that below), and we aren’t really board game people.  It’s not that we don’t enjoy certain games, it’s just that both of us are so unbelievably competitive that the resulting conflict is never worth it.

But on the list it went, and so off we went this morning to knock it off (let’s take a moment to marvel that I’m posting about it hours afterwards, rather than weeks/months; I’m certainly patting myself on the back quite smugly right now).

The space was much more spacious than it looks like outside; the coffees were good, and the game selection was  overwhelming.  Since we had Henry in tow, we stuck with the children’s section and played Hungry Hungry Hippos, Trouble and Jolly Octopus (which unfortunately didn’t work).  Henry loved Hungry Hippos, and got bored during Trouble (fair enough).   The cafe was much more baby-friendly than I expected; they have highchairs; large, accessible, all gender washrooms with change tables and baby/kid friendly menu items.  While Henry was definitely too young to really get into the games, there were a number of families there with young children.

Overall a really fun experience and we would go back!


Details: Information about Snakes & Lattes can be found here.

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