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#39 – Get Augie’s Ice Pops

Augie’s is a local company that uses seasonal Ontario fruit to make drool-worthy popsicles in delicious flavour combos.  Through the summer they have stands at a few farmer’s markets around the city, and also a handful of lucky stores carry them.

We went to Local Hero on Roncesvalles for our treats; Pineapple Coconut Lime and Peaches & Cream.  DELICIOUS.


Details: Information about Augie’s (including where to find them and flavours) can be found here.

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#75 – Vendor Queens Market at the Brickworks

We hit up the Vendor Queens Market the The Brickworks today to finish off our holiday shopping.  It was a great little market of a variety of vendors; jewellery, art, clothing, wood working, soaps, honey, etc.  We scored a number of great items, but we’re only showing our collection of brown bags below, we don’t want to spoil any Christmas surprises!   The cinnamon honey was a treat for us!


Details: Information about Vendor Queens can be found here.  Information about the Brickworks can be found here.

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#31 – Toronto Flower Market

This Saturday was not only the first truly summer-like day we’ve had this year, it was also the opening day for the Toronto Flower Market.   Celebrating local vendors and Ontario picked flowers, it was the perfect day to wander through and pick out some flowers and I scored a couple more succulents for my little windowsill garden.  My darling friend Elizabeth was in town and met up with us.  After flower shopping, we got sodas and popsicles from the Pop Stand cart onsite, which definitely rivalled the flowers as my favourite part.  All in all, the perfect way to bring in summer.


The Toronto Flower Market runs on Saturday a month until October.  Dates and vendors can be found here.  Location can be found below (this map is just too cute).

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#64 – Go to Kitten & the Bear for scones & jam

If winter camping was an Adam list item, this one was all me.  I love jam (I’ve been known to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon), and growing up my Granny used to have us over for fresh made scones all the time.  So when I read this article about Kitten and the Bear, a Parkdale shop making small batch artisanal jams and scones, I wanted to go.  We never found time in the Fall, so when we were making our 2014 list, I sneaked it on.

We went this morning and it was so, so great.  The décor and details are beautiful, and we were lucky to grab one of the few available seats.  Adam got a cup of pour-over coffee, I got Marrakesh Mint tea (served in a vintage teapot), and we split the Jam Sampler plate.  The sampler plate comes with two scones, butter and samples of three jams.  We were lucky to be treated to all four currently on the menu; Grapefruit & Rose, Lime & Jasmine, Tangerine & Rosemary and Pear, Maple & Scotch.  It was all delicious and I am excited to make it a regular thing throughout the year!  We came home with a jar of the Pear, Maple & Scotch and our own antique silver jam spoon.  Can’t say enough great things about this shop, and the owners are super lovely.


Details: Location and hours for Kitten and the Bear can be found here.  To get sneak peeks at upcoming jams, follow them on instagram, here.

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#48 – Order the communal menu at Cafe Belong

Cafe Belong is my favourite restaurant in Toronto.  The food is amazing, focusing on local, seasonal and organic ingredients; service is always, always great and it’s in the Brick Works, which is one of my favourite places to explore.

Cafe Belong has two menu options for dinner; the standard menu (which is always amazing), or the Communal menu, a five course full evening meal served family style.  The specific menu is a mystery, as the chefs create it individually per night, per table.  The only thing they tell you is that you will get a dessert course and a cheese course, though sometimes they can be combined.  There is a vegetarian, meat or fish option.

Every course was a delicious surprise and we had an amazing evening enjoying every course and trying to guess what might be coming next.  First course was a trio of salads; second course was puffed rice and vegetables with a curried tomato broth; third course was stuffed peppers; fourth was a trio of cheeses with marinated raisins and apples, pickled artichoke leaves and carrot jelly; and we ended with an apple crumble with ice cream, ginger cookies and candied almonds.

Another highlight of the night was when Chef and owner Brad Long briefly stopped by our table, which caused a mild fangirl meltdown on my part.

ImageThe food is incredible, and the drink menu is equally as great.  Many creative in-house cocktail creations, a great beer list and an extensive wine list.

I had a Gingerbread Daiquiri; a Stonewall (rum, ginger simple syrup, apple cider & gingerbeer) and finished with a Rhubarb Punch (my favourite), which they made me off the Fall menu.  Again, just amazing service.

Adam had a Beau’s Bog Water, Muskoka Mad Tom IPA and an Amsterdam Boneshaker.Image

Details: Cafe Belong is found in the Evergreen Brick Works.  Menus, hours and reviews can be found here.  The Brick Works can be tricky to get to without a car, but there is a free shuttle that runs frequently from Broadview station, details here.

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