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#73 – Apple picking

Our yearly tradition in September got a whole lot more fun with a mobile toddler, a two week old baby and a midweek visit giving us the orchard to ourselves.

Details: Our orchard of choice is Pine Farm Orchards.  Info found here.

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#7 – Kite Festival

Two weekends ago we went to the Burlington Kite Festival; five minutes after we arrive a giant storm blew in (complete with thunder and lighting), and so that was the entirety of our experience.  Henry was really excited and interested in the kites, so definitely something we would try again.  It was a pretty small festival (partially because of the weather, but also just seemed low key), so we might look for a bigger one, but still fun!

IMG_20160605_173719 (1)

Details: Information about the Burlington Kite Festival can be found here.

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#18 – Take Henry to the Badlands

Last weekend we were planning on driving out to the Badlands.  When googling directions, we discovered they’ve been closed to the public to protect the geographical awesomeness.  Totally understandable, super disappointing.


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#70 – Feed the chickadees with Henry

As part of our 2016 Joyce Winter Classic, we went to the RBG and feed the chickadees.  This is one of the most magical winter activities and Henry just loved it.


Details: The Royal Botanical Gardens are at 680 Plains Road West in Burlington.  We go through the Hendrie Park Cherry Hill entrance, which is open daily 10AM-5PM weather permitting.  You can find more info about the RBG here.  Entrance to the Hendrie trails is free with paid parking.  It was an approximate 30 minute drive from our apartment in Swansea.

The chickadees prefer the little black sunflower-like seeds over anything else.

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#4 – Joyce Winter Classic 2016

Last year we started the Joyce Winter Classic; in lieu of Christmas gifts, my brothers and I plan a day of family fun.  This year my brother managed most of the planning, and we spent a great day going to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory, having brunch at a family restaurant in Burlington and then feeding the chickadees at the RBG.  (All this happened way back in January).

Photos from the Butterfly Conservatory and the RBG coming soon in individual posts!



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#28 – Go sledding

We had something like 5 days total with actual snow this winter, so there weren’t a lot of sledding opportunities.  Add to that that this kid really does not like the winter and it was a hard sell.  But here it is.  Henry in a sled.


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#42 – Build a snowman

We’ve had three snow days this winter, so when we got one day with perfect packing snow, our neighbour and I bundled our little ones up and made a snowman in the backyard.


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