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#88 – Go Tobogganing

We had a snow storm yesterday, so we headed out to the hill at Lithuania Park for some tobogganing this morning.


Details: Lithuania Park is at the corner of Keele and Glenlake Avenue.

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#93 – Walk in fresh snow

Due to the winter storm coming through Toronto, Adam and I had a snow day, which is infinitely more exciting as an adult than as a child.  We decided to hike into High Park to knock some items off our list.

Walking in fresh, clean and unmarked snow is one of the joys of winter (especially if it has a good crunch, which sadly today’s snow is lacking).  Even without the crunch, it was beautiful and satisfying!     


Details: High Park is at 1873 Bloor Street West, though is accessible on all sides.  For all information about the park, go here.

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#25 – Make Snow Angels

I remember being a kid having a snow day and playing for hours outside in the snow with my brothers, never noticing cold or discomfort, just enjoying the day of unexpected play.

I think that my last snow angel was at least 15 years ago, I had forgotten how joyful simply playing in the snow can be.  And coming home and warming up with hot cider and rum is an entirely adult bonus.


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