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Bonus #2 – Sibs Cottage Weekend

My brother Will’s girlfriend Sam (who is just the absolute best and raises our average significantly), has a family cottage that has become pretty legendary over the years.  Will and Sam have spent a lot of time up there, and recently my brother Eric has been invited up as well.  A couple weekends ago, Will and Sam were given the chance to have the cottage to themselves, and instead invited all of us (Eric, Adam, Henry and myself) up with them.  The cottage itself was perfection, and the whole weekend was just so special.  It was great to get out of the city, but it was amazing to spend time with my brothers and Sam, and watch them with Henry.  AND the fact that Henry slept so well and allowed us some time to just hang out with the crew after his bedtime, being grown-ups, was amazing.  Overall, a truly wonderful weekend (this is also the reason that Henry and I tackled Buskerfest while Adam was at work).

A very, very big thank you to Will and Sam for inviting us up, and to Will, Sam and Eric for the quality time and amazing memories!


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#33 – Buskerfest

Buskerfest happened in Toronto a couple weeks ago, and it was the first challenge that Henry and I did on our own while Adam was at work.  Buskerfest runs for four days near the end of August every year.  In 2013 the festival moved from Front Street to Yonge Street, so in 2013 & 2014 the festival included the venue I worked at and was one of my events.  While I loved being involved, it also meant I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it.  So it was fun to meet up with a couple friends (two of my girlfriends and one little baby buddy for Henry) to have a wander.

Since I’m on the steep learning curve of what works and what doesn’t with a little one, and I’m always looking for tips and tricks for doing this in the city with him, here are some thoughts on what worked, what didn’t and what I would do differently next time!   Even though we went midday on Friday, the crowds were already too big for little Henry to see much of anything.  When we did manage to snag a front row spot, the performance was too loud and Henry was scared. He did love the wandering stilt walkers and the hula hoop demonstration/play area.  Next time, I would go with Adam so Henry can pop up on his shoulders for a good view, and I would remember our baby headphones!  And leave the stroller at home, it was tricky navigating through the crowds, a carrier that has easy in and outs would be much better.


Details: Information about Buskerfest Toronto can be found here.

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#45 – Play at a splash pad

This one was one of Henry’s favourites; he is a little water baby and just can’t get enough of splash pads, wading pools, swimming pools; it’s got water, he loves it. #45---Splash-pad

Details: This splash pad is at Coronation Park in Oakville.

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#32 – Backyard BBQ

To break in our new BBQ (that we got two months ago, still counts, guys), we had our friends Trevor and Laura over for a mid-week BBQ a few weeks back.  So fun, so lovely.  Another one of those times I thought I had taken a lot of photos, and then realized I hadn’t.  Oops.


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#39 – Get Augie’s Ice Pops

Augie’s is a local company that uses seasonal Ontario fruit to make drool-worthy popsicles in delicious flavour combos.  Through the summer they have stands at a few farmer’s markets around the city, and also a handful of lucky stores carry them.

We went to Local Hero on Roncesvalles for our treats; Pineapple Coconut Lime and Peaches & Cream.  DELICIOUS.


Details: Information about Augie’s (including where to find them and flavours) can be found here.

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#86 – Get a BBQ

One of the big bonuses of our new place (we’ve been here a year, and I can’t break the habit of calling it new), is that it has a backyard. We’ve only been in high rises before this, so having a backyard is just the best.  We didn’t really use it to its full advantage last year, so we really wanted to make sure we did that this summer.  So, first thing every good backyard needs is a good BBQ, right?  Check!


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#22 – Watermelon seed spitting contest

Way back during the Labour long weekend, when it was too hot to do anything, we went a bought a watermelon for a seed spitting contest.  Even buying a “seeded” watermelon, the seeds were a little puny (remember when we were kids and they were giant and black?  I’m officially old), but we went for it.  Adam technically won, but he does admit that on average I did better.  Not sure this is something to brag about.


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#24 – Play with sparklers

We started this past long weekend off at our friends Nate and Brianne’s place.  These guys are without doubt the cutest family in existence, and we are so excited they are expecting baby #2 (a boy!) in December.  To celebrate both babies, and the end of summer, we pulled out some sparklers after dinner.


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#99 – Make fancy homemade popsicles

Adam is all about the gadgets, so he got this Zoku popsicle maker for this one.  It’s pretty great, as it freezes the popsicles in minutes, rather than hours.  We made Roasted Strawberry & Coconut and Sweet Tea and Peach.   The strawberry and coconut ones were the big winners; it’s unlikely they’ll last through the rest of today!



Details: The Roasted Strawberry & Coconut recipe can be found here.  The Sweet Tea and Peach recipe can be found here.

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#95 – Outdoor concert

I’m a huge fan (huge) of knocking off more than one thing off our list in a go, so when I realized the Toronto Botanical Gardens had an outdoor music series, I was pretty pleased.  We got to the gardens a little past the start of the concert, so wandered around the fringes of the crowd for a bit, and then into the gardens themselves; the music was loud enough we could hear it throughout the gardens.  The band playing the night we went was the Devin Cuddy Band.


Details: The Edwards Summer Music series runs Thursdays from 7:00-8:30.  Information about the artists can be found here.  We came too late, but they also have a Farmer’s Market on Thursdays from 2:00-7:00; the makings of a great evening!

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