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#78 – Make a meal entirely of farmer’s market purchases

One of the reasons we put a fair amount of cooking and baking items on our list is because it’s a big stretch for us.  I am just not into making food, and Adam says his cooking starts and ends with a BBQ.  So, we thought this might be a pretty good challenge for us.  Even more so, we realized once arriving at the Junction Farmer’s Market, that the selection wasn’t crazy huge for two people who aren’t proficient in the kitchen.

We got lettuce, purple runner beans, onion, garlic, beets, biscuits, peaches and cherries.  We made roasted beets, salad with onions and beans with a garlic dijon dressing, with the biscuits on the side, and fruit for dessert.  Maybe not the most creative meal, but it was tasty and we felt pretty good about it!  Oh, and the market had a wine vendor, total score.


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#56 – Family brunch at Little Fish

Since Henry has been born, we’ve basically been shut-ins; largely due to the long, cold, crappy winter we’ve had, but also cause he’s never been a quiet, chill kind of baby, so public outings made me nervous,  Other than a baby music class and our parents’ places, we haven’t ventured out much.   But, last week I grabbed hold of all my courage and headed out to the passport office, sure it was going to be a disaster,  Did he ever prove me wrong – just sat quietly on my lap for the whole hour and a half wait checking out the people around us.  It was a total win, and in the rush of confidence I had after, we decided to try brunch as a family this weekend.

We discovered Little Fish while I was pregnant and it’s quickly become our favourite.  Guys, they make a dish that is pierogis topped with poached eggs and hollandaise.  It is crazy delicious,  First brunch in five months and I was in heaven and so happy to get it back in the rotation.


Details: Little Fish doesn’t seem to have a website.  BlogTO’s review can be found here.

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#6 – Try Bunner’s cinnamon buns

For the past couple years, Bunner’s cinnamon buns have landed on BlogTO’s best cinnamon bun in the city list.  Since they are both vegan and gluten free, this seems like quite a feat, since the deliciousness of cinnamon buns lies in the gooey buttery goodness and cream cheese frosting.  So of course, we wanted to test them out ourselves.

This morning Adam’s mom and two of his aunts came over to visit with Henry, so we figured it was the perfect opportunity for a wider taste test.  Overall, they were deemed very tasty; not overly sweet, and without that obvious gluten free taste and texture.


Details: Bunner’s has two locations, one in the Junction, another in Kensington Market.  Information can be found here.  The full BlogTO Best Of list can be found here.

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#35 – Vinyl treasure hunting

We got a record player as a wedding gift way back in 2012, which we were pretty excited about.  We then went a little crazy buying records, so we had to slow down a bit.  So, on the list this one went, to let us indulge a bit.  We hit up Pandemonium in the Junction near our place, which I also love because it’s also a used book store. We left with a few records and some books.


Details: Pandamonium is in the Junction, hours and information can be found here.  Pandamonium made BlogTO’s list of Best Record Stores in Toronto; the rest of the list can be found here.

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#36 – Go to the Junction Farmer’s Market

A couple weeks ago we went back to our old neighbourhood to hit up the Junction Farmer’s Market.  On the smaller side, it still had a bunch of great stalls, but we didn’t end up getting anything other than a snack (Scotch quail egg for Adam and a chedder pretzel for me), as I was on the hunt for Ontario strawberries, and none of the greens available were going to do it.


Details: Information about the Junction Farmer’s Market can be found here.

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