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#7 – Rent a car bike

Ok, so I think the actual name for these things is quadricycle, so I’m not sure why I thought they were called car bikes.  No matter what you call them, they are so fun.  We had an awesome time chugging all over the island, and Henry was pretty pleased with his little seat up front.


Details: Information about the bike rentals on Centre Island can be found here.

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#43 – Franklin’s Children’s Garden on Centre Island

I love children’s gardens and this one did not disappoint.


Details: Information about the garden and programs can be found here.  After perusing this, I realized we missed a couple things.  Goals for next time!

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#41 – Ferry ride

A couple weekends ago we trekked out to the Toronto Islands.  It doesn’t happen often that we get a day just the three of us, and it was pretty perfect AND we knocked a few things off our list.  First up, ferry ride!  Henry’s first (he was a fan).


Details: Schedules and fares for the Toronto ferries can be found here.  New this year is the ability to buy your ferry tickets online.

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