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#94 – San Diego Zoo

It’s no secret that the San Diego Zoo is amazing, but guys, it’s A.MA.ZING.  This was my second trip to the zoo, and Adam will tell ya, it was what I talked the most about in anticipation of our trip.  I was excited for him to experience it, for Henry to be there (and take in what he would), and just have another chance to explore.  These photos do not do it justice.  The scale, the design and the experience are hard to capture (and too be honest, we were too busy exploring and enjoying to take too many photos!).  All in all, an amazing morning!

The zoo offers all sorts of neat experiences (Sunrise Strolls, Backstage Passes, VIP Experiences, etc) that we would definitely check out if/when we go back.


Details: Information about the San Diego Zoo can be found here.

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#47 – San Diego Botanic Garden

Before heading to San Diego, we made a list of a bunch of things we could do with Henry, so we were never scrambling to figure something out.  We were excited to check out the San Diego Botanic Garden; they have a Children’s Garden that sounds really fun and we love to get ideas for outdoor play spaces.

We really enjoyed walking through the gardens.  The succulent people gave us a couple good laughs (I’ve spared you from posting EVERY photo I took of them, but there are a lot, I loved them), and the children’s garden was really excellent.  Henry is of course too young to really experience it, but it did really like the musical garden, checking out the quail, and watching the bigger kids.


Details: Info about the San Diego Botanic Garden can be found here.

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#23 – Animal Encounter

We’re a big fan of animals around here, and Adam and I love being able to see wild animals, especially up close (as long as  it’s safe and respectful, for us and the animals).  When we heard about the La Jolla beaches and the seals and sea lions that hang there, we were pretty excited, and added it to our To Do list for California.

There were two different coves we went to, one with a safety rope to keep spectators from getting too close to the animals, and one without.  Very cute and very fun to sit and watch them for a while.  Henry wasn’t super into them (too busy keeping his wary little eye on the water), but a fun afternoon regardless.


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#88 – Taco night

So when this one first went on the list, we intended to make tacos at home.  But then the wedding we attended in California had a welcome bonfire on the beach with a local taco truck, and that was just way better.


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#92 – Henry’s first plane ride

We’ve been MIA lately, but we’re catching up after a pretty big weekend.   We spent our May long weekend in California celebrating a friend of mine as she married her forever guy.  It was an amazing weekend of events, full of friends, love and incredible details, and we were so very glad to be there to celebrate with the couple.  I nearly chickened out about 50 times; the flying, the time change were freaking me the heck out; but we did it and Henry was a total champ from start to finish.  We took two flights to get to San Diego, but these photos are just from the first leg to Denver.  We’ll be posting more photos of our trip and the four (five?) other things we crossed off soon!


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#31 – Get Henry a passport

Little Henry is now the proud owner of his very own passport; complete with baby mugshot. He looks like he’s pretty pleased with his new-found ability to adventure past our borders though, don’t you think?


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Bonus #5 – Go to New York

I’ve never been to New York; Adam’s been many times.  It’s always been on my Bucket List, and Adam and I have been talking about going together for ages.

So when I unexpectedly had a weekend off at the same time as Porter was having a flights sale we spontaneously booked flights for a whirlwind 36 hours in New York.

To say I’m in love with the city sounds cliché, but man, is it ever true.  We did and saw so much, and yet saw nothing; there is so much more for us to see and do the next time we can get there.


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Bonus #3 – Go to Zambia

Zambia almost didn’t make the list.  It was the starting point for our tour but we landed in Livingstone around noon on Saturday and by 9:00 Sunday we were crossing the border into Zimbabwe, so we didn’t feel we saw enough or were there long enough for it to count.

In the end we decided it made the list as we did spend the afternoon and evening drinking beers on a patio overlooking the Zambezi River (the fourth largest river system in Africa), which seems like a pretty cool thing to be able to say.


Details: Our tour started at the Zambezi Waterfront Lodge, details here.

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Bonus #4 – See Victoria Falls

Though the Seven Wonders of the World list has been challenged and altered and has many incarnations, in 2007 Victoria Falls was placed on the Seven NATURAL Wonders of the World list, and as far as I can find, still holds that spot.  Rightfully so.  We had a mere hour to explore on the Zimbabwe side of the falls, and we only saw a small stretch in that hour.  We had been warned by our guides to wear our rain gear, as due to the spray, it is always raining at the grounds around the falls.


One of the other women in our group had gone on a helicopter tour over Victoria Falls.  Here is one of her photos from above to give an idea of the scale of the falls.  Thanks Nancy B. for sharing!


Details: Victoria Falls can be viewed on either the Zambia or Zimbabwe side.  I can’t seem to find an official website for either side, but both have charged entry, and there are tour operators who run helicopter tours over the falls.

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Bonus #2 – Go to Zimbabwe

We were in Zimbabwe for two nights and one day.  That one day was probably the most full and varied day of our trip, and most of our group have said this was their favourite or most memorable day.

Our group was split between two open safari Jeeps  and we set off for Matobo National Park, which is full of awe inspiring naturally formed rock towers.  The park has the last significant population of rhino in Zimbabwe.  Poachers are a massive problem for the rangers at this park, and the rhino population is dropping by alarming numbers every month.

Our first stop is an ancient cave used by Bushmen, full of beautiful cave paintings, some of the paintings 40,000 years old.

We then visited the local village of Ndebele, which was educational and so fun; the chief being a 82 year-old spitfire, full of charm and despite not speaking any English, a wonderful story teller.  Two of his sons, and two of his tiny grandsons, demonstrated a traditional dance, and pulled a lot of our family, including Adam, in to participate.

The afternoon was full of tracking rhino, sometimes on foot through the bush.  While we learned a lot about their habits and how to recognize tracks, we were unlucky and didn’t see any.  Despite being a little disappointed, it was a great day rocking and rolling over rough paths, enjoying the scenery and learning all the small details that the rangers look for while tracking animals.

We did climb down a riverbank to get a closer look at some hippos.  While we didn’t get very close, they certainly made sure to let us know they noticed us, rumbling and flashing their teeth at us.

All in all, a wonderful day, firmly lodging Zimbabwe in a special place in our hearts.


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