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#49 – Yorkville IceFest

In the categories of win some/lose some, this was a big loser.  To be fair to the organizers, the weekend IceFest fell on happened to be something like 15 degrees (in FEBRUARY!), so it was probably doomed from the start, but we left after 10 minutes.  There wasn’t anything dynamic about the event to keep us and little Henry interested.


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#70 – Feed the chickadees with Henry

As part of our 2016 Joyce Winter Classic, we went to the RBG and feed the chickadees.  This is one of the most magical winter activities and Henry just loved it.


Details: The Royal Botanical Gardens are at 680 Plains Road West in Burlington.  We go through the Hendrie Park Cherry Hill entrance, which is open daily 10AM-5PM weather permitting.  You can find more info about the RBG here.  Entrance to the Hendrie trails is free with paid parking.  It was an approximate 30 minute drive from our apartment in Swansea.

The chickadees prefer the little black sunflower-like seeds over anything else.

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#28 – Go sledding

We had something like 5 days total with actual snow this winter, so there weren’t a lot of sledding opportunities.  Add to that that this kid really does not like the winter and it was a hard sell.  But here it is.  Henry in a sled.


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#42 – Build a snowman

We’ve had three snow days this winter, so when we got one day with perfect packing snow, our neighbour and I bundled our little ones up and made a snowman in the backyard.


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#65 – Henry’s first skates

Sometimes we get really lucky with how we word things.   Henry got his first skates this year, but since it’s been so balmy and none of the ice is frozen, his first time skating will be in 2016 (on the list!).  Based on how trying on the skates went it could be hit or miss, but we’re so excited to get him out there!


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#4 – Joyce Family Winter Classic

This Christmas, my parents forbid us from getting them any presents.  So my brothers, Sam, Adam and I got together and planned a day of family fun instead; dubbed the Joyce Winter Classic.  Below is the itinerary we gifted them on Christmas, and a few photos from the day!

Joycewinterclassic (1)-page-001


Details: We started our day at Cafe Novo, a great local cafe just outside High Park.  We went for a stroll through High Park, including the zoo (more photos from that coming soon!), and then after a big meal, we went to the Samuel Smith Skating trail.


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#46 – Make mulled wine

We went rouge on this one and didn’t follow a recipe.  I dumped wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange slices, cranberries and honey into a pot and let it simmer for a bit, then we consumed.  Adam said it was pretty good (and made the apartment smell amazing), but I was pretty into it.  It was my first drink in 2014, though, so anything boozy would get my stamp of approval at this point.


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#85 – Baby’s first Christmas

Henry passed the eight week mark just before Christmas and his two month birthday just after.  The holidays were an overwhelming blur of family and celebrations, which we tried our best to take in from the haze of exhaustion (this babe does not sleep, which means I, and to a lesser extent Adam, do not sleep).  We tried to be as conscientious as we could that we would want to remember Henry’s first Christmas; some of our favourite photos below!  We are so grateful to our families for making the holidays magical for Henry (and spoiling him rotten!)  Hope everyone had a happy and love-filled holidays!


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#69 – Install bird feeders on the balcony

One of the big benefits of our new place is that we are no longer in a high rise, and it backs onto a ravine, with lots of big trees surrounding the property.  Since we’ve moved here in April, we’ve seen all sorts of birds; Jays, finches, chickadees, robins, woodpeckers, etc.  We wanted to put up some bird feeders on our balcony to get them a little closer for the little guy to watch once he gets a bit older (and to torment our cats, evidently).  We installed them at the beginning of the week, and for a couple days they were only used by one cheeky squirrel, but this afternoon a little crew of chickadees discovered them.


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#32 – Distillery Christmas Market

Adam is starting a new job next week, but luckily has this week off between jobs.  We went to the Distillery District to check out their Christmas Market.  We had hot chocolate, enjoyed some carols, and even briefly met up with our friends Sara and Meg on their way to lunch.

We would have loved to come in the evening or on a weekend, with more activities, the mulled wine and hot toddy vendors are open and the lights would look beautiful, but parking in this area gets really challenging very quickly with crowds.   Regardless, we had a great time strolling around!


Details: The Christmas Market is open everyday except Mondays between now and December 21st.  More information can be found here.

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