The 2014 List

New Year, new list of 100 things!   Progress tracked here.

  1. Play the lottery
  2. Visit the Aberfoyle Antique Market
  3. Make a fort
  4. Give back
  5. Go to a live taping of a TV show
  6. Go curling
  7. Bake a cake for someone
  8. Go berry picking
  9. Pick flowers at a flower farm
  10. Visit a maple syrup farm
  11. Axe throwing
  12. Make pierogi
  13. Roast pumpkin seeds
  14. Make pickles
  15. Go to the Badlands
  16. Baby’s first Christmas tree
  17. Visit the Yarmouth Street Elephant
  18. Make lasagna from scratch
  19. Wander Kensington Market
  20. Go to the Junction Flea
  21. Create a submission for Dear Photograph
  22. Watermelon seed spitting contest
  23. Take an outdoor yoga class
  24. Play with sparklers
  25. Go to the Scarborough Bluffs
  26. Go to a Toronto dumpling restaurant
  27. Batting cages
  28. Cherry picking
  29. Go to Sugar Beach
  30. Get an ice cream from Tom’s Dairy Freeze
  31. Get flowers from Toronto’s Flower Market
  32. Distillery Christmas Market
  33. Watch a sunset
  34. Get lost in Honest Ed’s
  35. Vinyl treasure hunting
  36. Go to the Junction Farmer’s Market
  37. Ride a tandem bike
  38. Try Momofoku’s Crack Pie
  39. Visit the giant pandas at the Toronto Zoo
  40. Join Postcrossing
  41. Take photobooth photos
  42. Learn to make balloon animals
  43. Make each other breakfast in bed
  44. Take photos with Santa
  45. Carve a pumpkin
  46. Make mulled wine
  47. Ride the Port Dalhousie carousel.
  48. Go to the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory
  49. Camp at Killbear Provincial Park
  50. Get Toronto Library Cards
  51. Go to a Toronto Street Festival
  52. Ripley’s Aquarium
  53. Make pizza over a campfire
  54. Make a pie from scratch
  55. Take tilt shift photos 
  56. Have a candlelight dinner
  57. Host a dinner for our parents
  58. St Lawrence Market
  59. Do line drawing portraits of each other
  60. Milk a cow
  61. Make three recipes from our cookbook collection
  62. Bubblegum bubble blowing competition
  63. Colonel Sam Smith’s skating trail
  64. Go to Kitten & the Bear for scones & jam
  65. Mini-putt
  66. Attend a Wild Wild West potluck
  67. ROM Friday Night Live
  68. Make apple butter
  69. Install bird feeders on the balcony
  70. Firework show at Niagara Falls
  71. Go to a lavender farm
  72. Winter camping
  73. Get some Toronto BBQ
  74. Visit the Toronto Botanical Gardens
  75. Vendor Queens Market at the Brickworks
  76. Canadian Canoe Museum
  77. Visit Allan Gardens
  78. Visit Riverdale Park
  79. Let a friend plan our day
  80. Ice bubbles
  81. Halton County Radial Railway Museum
  82. (Run) another 5k together
  83. Plant an indoor succulent garden
  84. Make maple syrup candy
  85. Baby’s first Christmas
  86. Visit a local Arboretum
  87. Go dog sledding (again!)
  88. Try butter coffee at Hula Girl
  89. Make each other a mix tape
  90. Donut vending machine
  91. Mail Christmas cards
  92. Eat a caramel apple
  93. Brewer’s Backyard at the Brickworks
  94. Paddle making workshop
  95. Outdoor concert
  96. Saw a log together
  97. Order room service
  98. Go to Ireland
  99. Made fancy homemade popsicles
  100. Make a 1 second everyday video

Bonus List:
The Biggest Bonus
The Biggest Bonus: The Sweetest Thing
Bonus #1.Move
Bonus #2. Decorate a nursery

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