The 2015 List

Another year, another list; 2015 is the Family Edition.   We’re excited to tackle a new list with the three of us!  Progress tracked here.

  1. Go camping
  2. Build a sandcastle
  3. Celebrate Henry’s 1st birthday
  4. Joyce Family Winter Classic
  5. Visit the High Park Zoo
  6. Try Bunner’s cinnamon buns
  7. Rent a car bike
  8. Baby-free date night
  9. Brickworks Pizza Night
  10. Snakes and Lattes
  11. Snakes and Lagers
  12. Foodie Penpals
  13. Royal Winter Fair
  14. Stand up paddle boarding
  15. Visit the AGO
  16. Corn maze
  17. Henry’s first Santa Claus parade
  18. Create a choose your own adventure day
  19. Henry’s first Colo(u)r Run
  20. Get messy with paint
  21. Pick the perfect Christmas tree
  22. Neighbourhood Christmas decorations tour
  23. Animal encounter
  24. Elf on the Shelf
  25. Learn to knit
  26. Complete a knitting project
  27. Pumpkin patch
  28. Go to a musical
  29. Campfire pouch dinner
  30. One of a Kind show
  31. Get Henry a passport
  32. Backyard BBQ
  33. Buskerfest
  34. Do a time lapse project
  35. Fondue night
  36. Send out Valentines
  37. Make fancy homemade lemonade
  38. Give back
  39. Get Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops
  40. TO’s Finest food passport
  41. Ferry ride
  42. Get Beavertails
  43. Franklin’s Childrens Garden on Centre Island
  44. Get family photos taken
  45. Play at a splash pad
  46. Apple picking with Henry
  47. San Diego Botanic Garden
  48. Baby play date
  49. Neighbourhood Halloween decorations tour
  50. Family photo booth photos
  51. Attempt another Dear Photograph submission
  52. Make homemade Pop Tarts
  53. Ben’s Bird Sanctuary
  54. Make cupcakes
  55. Join Chatbooks
  56. Family brunch at Little Fish
  57. Make homemade cinnamon buns
  58. Far Enough Farm on Centre Island
  59. Take Sam’s parents to Cafe Belong
  60. Vote for Canada’s National Bird
  61. Make apple chips
  62. Take monthly baby photos
  63. Make baby sensory toys
  64. Make homemade baby food
  65. Henry’s first skates
  66. Rent a tent trailer
  67. Baby-proof our apartment
  68. Take Henry lake swimming
  69. Go canoeing
  70. Make homemade coloured pasta
  71. Enter a contest
  72. Saving Grace
  73. Hogtown Vegan
  74. Go to Burger’s Priest
  75. Kiss under mistletoe
  76. Use our crockpot
  77. High Park Nature Centre special event
  78. Make a meal entirely of farmer’s market purchases
  79. Write a book
  80. Try a new ethnic food
  81. Family bike ride
  82. (Attempt) to grow our own vegetables
  83. Surprise date, planned by Sam
  84. Surprise date, planned by Adam
  85. Create a reading nook for Henry
  86. Get a BBQ
  87. Henry’s first concert
  88. Taco night
  89. Baby park picnic
  90. Glory Hole doughnuts
  91. Make hard apple cider
  92. Henry’s first plane ride
  93. Go to California
  94. San Diego Zoo
  95. Dip our toes in the ocean
  96. Family Hallowe’en costumes
  97. Start a family tradition
  98. Learn to make 3 origami animals
  99. Horse drawn carriage or sleigh
  100. Finally finish and print our 2013/2014 photo books

Bonus List:

Bonus #1 – Kitten & the Bear’s Valentine’s Breakfast in Bed in a Box
Bonus #2 – Sibs Cottage Weekend

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