The 2016/2017 List

Round four!  We’re switching things up a bit this year and leaving 10 flex spots.  The last two years have brought so much change to our family that we’ve been forced to adjust our list accordingly.  Add to that the sheer volume of amazing new events and places and things to do our amazing city offers every year, we decided to wanted to some flexibility this year.  We also borrowed the idea from our pals at Band of Characters and added a couple of individual challenges.

With baby #2 joining us early September, we made the decision to spread our 2016 list over two years, rather than change our list to make it pregnancy/baby friendly.  We’re excited to get back on the 100 per year train as a family of four after that!  Watch for (hopefully) more bonus items over the two years.

Progress tracked here.

  1. Gingerbread house
  2. Visit the Toronto sign
  3. Rep our hood
  4. Joyce Winter Classic 2016
  5. Ice cream shop crawl
  6. Old fashioned pop shop
  7. Kite festival
  8. Bat hike
  9. The Bay holiday windows
  10. Knife throwing
  11. Pumpkin parade
  12. Carve a pumpkin – family edition
  13. Saucy Pierogi
  14. Toronto’s Kitchen Library
  15. Family Book Awards
  16. Make doughnuts
  17. Cacao 70
  18. Take Henry to the Badlands
  19. Make our own bread for one month
  20. Graffiti Alley
  21. Find the Toronto half house
  22. Make our own cheese
  23. Porter House pub
  24. Make a terrarium
  25. Track & Field
  26. Double feature
  27. Live colourfully
  28. Go sledding
  29. The Colo(u)r Run
  30. TCR Night
  31. Family movie night
  32. Go to an open mic night
  33. Be tourists
  34. Create bucket lists
  35. Feed the ducks
  36. Make bird feeders
  37. Make bird or squirrel houses
  38. Blind tasting & rating
  39. Gratitude jar
  40. Strawberry picking
  41. Cottage getaway
  42. Build a snowman
  43. Indoor picnic
  44. Yarn bomb
  45. Give back
  46. At home car wash
  47. 5 Photos challenge – Toronto
  48. Children’s Discovery Centre
  49. Yorkville Ice Fest
  50. Trek or Treat Family 1K
  51. Touch a snake
  52. Roll all our loose change
  53. Bluegrass Brunch
  54. Brickworks’ Children’s Garden
  55. Toronto Sculpture Garden
  56. Jamie Bell Adventure Playground
  57. Christmas Market at night
  58. Science Centre
  59. CBC Museum
  60. Ride a swan
  61. Casa Loma
  62. Maker Pizza
  63. Make a water garden
  64. Make an ant farm
  65. Make an Insect hotel
  66. Nature painting
  67. Bobbie Sue’s
  68. 1 photo every hour for a day
  69. Stop motion project
  70. Feed the chickadees with Henry
  71. Make snow globes
  72. Pick raspberries
  73. Apple picking
  74. Make a wreath
  75. Baked French toast
  76. Write to Santa
  77. Dough ornaments
  78. Make a felt play board
  79. Rage room
  80. Flip a table
  81. Yamchops Vegetarian butcher
  82. Royal Botanical Gardens Christmas
  83. Brickworks’ Winter Village
  84. Henry’s first skate
  85. Go antiquing
  86. Meal plan
  87. Henry’s first haircut
  88. Adam: run a 10K
  89. Sam: complete a 2nd knitting project
  90. YPT’s One Thing Leads to Another
  91. Brunch at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
  92. OG Chimney Cone
  93. Put together the 2018 list
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